Fragrare is a Latin word and the root from which ‘Fragrant’ is derived, meaning ‘to smell sweet’

About Us

Fragrare was set up by individuals who are passionate about perfume, where the understanding of its history, usage, creative art and the science involved is more important than the commercials of running a business. The primary objective is to educate and share the knowledge of truly remarkable creations from all over the world and help our audiences experience rare fragrances that are difficult to find locally. Our learning journey has just begun and we invite all the frag heads, fragrance community and people who are curious about perfume and want to smell good to join us on discovering and enjoying the best creations of Niche, Indie, designer and mainstream houses as we have something special for every occasion and budget.

History of Perfume

The Egyptians were the first to develop aromatic oils and essences 5,000 years ago. The greatest perfume lovers, they used almond and rose oil, frankincense and myrrh, cedar, mimosa and lily, nutmeg, sweet balsam, cassia, benzoin and labdanum, galbanum and opopanax in diverse preparations like  aphrodisiacs, medicines, cosmetics and incense. The study of fragrance, developed in the Nile Valley, was to inspire other ancient cultures. In Greece, athletes anointed their bodies with aromatic oils, and at banquets Romans refreshed themselves between courses with flower-scented water. In India burnt offerings to the gods included flowers, spices and the noble sandal wood among a host of other highly prized ingredients. It was the Persians who developed the use of exotic ingredients and the technique of extracting oils from flowers through distillation. This expertise was brought to Western Europe at the time of the Crusades.